Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raggy Quilt With Matching Pillow On Etsy Showcase by fabricartist21

Heh everybody!! My Etsy Store is going to be showcased tomorrow on the front page of ETSY. Just click in on Etsy and look under showcased  or go to my store
This is one of my items in my store this week.
This raggy quilt is really pretty, colors of pinks, greens and beiges are very romantic.  I have a baby one  in the making now.
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Quiet Place

This is a little place in my living room that I really love!! I enjoy rocking in the rocker and reminiscing. After all when you get my age you have more past than future.  This quilt is one of many that I have made just for this space. The quilt rack is a gift from my husband many years ago. I have two places in my house where I hang quilts and I change them out periodically. Seasonal quilts are my favorites and I love to create them. This is one of my favorites and was really fun to make. It was suppose to be 12 blocks but I only made 9 so it would fit the space. I believe the fabrics are Thimbleberries. Actually I made the vest on the wall. That brought me a quilt show ribbon. I made the silky throw on the rocker and the pillow, so much fun!!
Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Raggy Jacket

This is the latest addition to my ETSY store. The  perfect outer wear for this time of year. Beautiful fall colors, nice length, easy to care for, latest trendy style. Go look in my ETSY store for all the details.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Darling Fall Tote

As  you can see I love the fall season and to celebrate I made myself a fall jean tote from my recycled denim fabric stash and embroidered it with some cute fall designs. I lined it with plaid home-spun fabric. I am making one to sell
on ETSY.
I also take orders for these and you can see some different ones in my etsy shop buy clicking on the link here. I will design a special one for you when you contact me .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lovely Fall Colors

I am in love with all of the colors of fall. I know that a lot of places experience more beauty than others. I have learned to make my own beauty if it becomes elusive or less bright than I would like. This is a pillow I made for fall. Of course sunflowers are one of my favorites as you can see that I used that flower for my avitar in all my places. I make beautiful pillows and if you want to order one you can contact me through my etsy shop.
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scare Crow Where Are You???

Well somedays you just can't get anything done no matter how hard you try, right? I am trying to make myself a fall raggedy recycled jean tote with a machine applique scarecrow on it. Now I have made that little scarecrow before but today he refused to come into being for some reason. After 2 starts and 2 messes I just put him aside for another day. I can just see me with a fall scarecrow tote at Christmas time. Well I always have walked to the tune of a different drummer.LOL. Now that little guy better cooperate tomorrow. This is a pic of him on a porch wall hanging. He is made in 3 sections and that is somewhat tricky to do.  I have a janome 350E embroidery machine and I really like it for being so user friendly. This little guy is from www. This is my favorite site for embroidery designs.
Friday, September 18, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

"Ocean is the name of my quilt. Our "Tied together Bee" made quilt blocks for each member for their birthday in 2001. I picked the colors of the ocean. I love water; ocean,rivers,lakes,ponds, fountains~~~~

You name it I love it and I always will !! It brings me peace in times of pondering.

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When my sisters and I were very young all three of us loved to make things. I think that was the way kids entertained themselves in those days. Our mother sat us down with old clothes and needles and thread and we made our dolls clothes.
My creativity grew from there and I found myself in high school making all of my own clothes. I did get a lot of attention with my matching outfits including hats. Since I was shy maybe that was my way of creating my own world and at the same time getting attention.
I finally did get tired of making clothes and went into quilting. The first year I quilted I made every family member quilts, quilts and more quilts.
You can only make so many quilts and so many bags before you have no space left. What is a very nutty creative person going to do about this?? Well you are going to open an ETSY shop and sell some of this stuff, right??
My neighbor asked me to make her a T-Shirt Quilt and I have been doing that for over a year now. I take special orders through my Etsy shop. I have become very busy with this business and will continue to create t-shirt quilts as long as their are customers that want them.

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