Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Quilt History

This is a wonderful sampler quilt made from lovely vintage fabrics. My sister and I created this design and made quilt kits for some classes that we were teaching several years ago. I love the simple color combination. They really show up against the cream color muslin. This is one of my favorite quilts. I have kept this one for myself out of the dozens that I have made. 

Now what quilter could not have a Sunbonnet Sue and Sam in their quilt history. I designed and made this for my yougest daughter and since she still lives with me I get to contnue to enjoy the quilt also. This is a quilt calendar and each month is embellished and quilted with the season and month in mind. you can't see all of this in the picture but trust me it is a cutie. The scrappy piano border just adds the pizazz the quilt needs to make a statement.

Now you know that we can't have Halloween with
gookish cats, freaky pumpkins and intimidated mice.
I just made this darling little quilt this season and I have it listed in my Etsy shop in hopes someone cannot live without it. Oh
well I will keep it for myself it no one wants it. Ha

Now here is a real beauty. I took my husband to Hawaii for his 70th birthday in 1999. Of course we fell in love with that tropical paradise. When we came home I created and made this quilt from all the inspirational sites we saw that included flowers. My husband gave up one day while we were there and took me to a quilt shop. Boy did I shop!! My husband has now passed away but I have so many memories including this quilt.

Now apples is my family's  favorite fruit so this was created to honor all the apple eaters in the family and there are many. My husband was one of them. Don't you love the shading of the apple. It was so fun to make. The border fabric is apple potpourie. I won a ribbon on this quilt. I have won several ribbons on different quilts that I have made through the years.

Now we can't have fall without the scarecrow and he is a cute one. I had such fun making him. I have enjoy this time of year when I can hang him. I quilted a cobweb in the upper lefthand corner and sewed on a little spider and that just makes this quilt come to life. What can I say but I just love him.

I have been passionate about quilting for over 20 years now and will always be in love with the art. I pray that God will give me a few more years so I can finish all of my UFO's and even more. Recently I won an Accuquilt Go Cutter which makes all the cutting faster and with more accuracy so look out fabric here I come!!
Monday, September 6, 2010

Adorable Baby Raggy Quilt

For such a sweet baby girl that is so loved we have a beautiful raggy quilt 39" X 45". Just perfect for her crib!! I have chosen apple green print with circles of lavender, white and pale aqua, lavender check, and a darker lavender splash. I used white flannel in the center of the squares for the warmth. I sewed the X down the middle to give each block stability. All in all a perfect addition to her nursery!!

Accuquilt Barn Block Contest

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When my sisters and I were very young all three of us loved to make things. I think that was the way kids entertained themselves in those days. Our mother sat us down with old clothes and needles and thread and we made our dolls clothes.
My creativity grew from there and I found myself in high school making all of my own clothes. I did get a lot of attention with my matching outfits including hats. Since I was shy maybe that was my way of creating my own world and at the same time getting attention.
I finally did get tired of making clothes and went into quilting. The first year I quilted I made every family member quilts, quilts and more quilts.
You can only make so many quilts and so many bags before you have no space left. What is a very nutty creative person going to do about this?? Well you are going to open an ETSY shop and sell some of this stuff, right??
My neighbor asked me to make her a T-Shirt Quilt and I have been doing that for over a year now. I take special orders through my Etsy shop. I have become very busy with this business and will continue to create t-shirt quilts as long as their are customers that want them.

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